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Soapnut Skincare

Whole Plant Skincare  +  Organic  +  Botanic  + Biodynamic +  Ayurvedic  +  Anti-Fungal  +  Anti-Microbial  +  Anti-Ageing  +  Anti-Inflammatory  +  Anti-Oxidant  +  Award Winning

Award Winning Organic Soapnut Skincare

    You can read about our latest awards from the SkinsMatter Awards, in which we won SILVER for BEST FREE FROM SKINCARE BRAND!

    At Living Naturally, we have created a truly regenerative, hydrating and balancing skincare range, handcrafted with expert herbalist knowledge, organic wild-crafted botanics and inspired by centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom. Perfect for aging, sensitive, dry, acne or eczema prone skin.

    We have selected the best organic, biodynamic and wild-crafted herbs and herbal extracts to compliment our Organic Soapnut Extract to create a skincare range which will effectively treat and nourish your skin and hair so that your natural beauty can be revealed!

    Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Her Organic Soapnut Skincare

    Our Organic Soapnut Extract that we use in all our skincare products contain essential fatty acids (EFAs) and saponins which make them perfect for treating dry skin, mature skin or problem skin conditions and significantly help nourish and improve the look and feel of your skin. The EFAs and Saponins have an anti-ageing and anti-oxidant effect and actually help slow the breakdown of skin cells thereby protecting your skin, resulting in a hydrated, fresher, glowing complexion.

    The EFAs in our Organic Soapnut Extract are:

    • Oleic fatty acids - great at delivering and sealing in moisture really effectively and reducing inflammation. Great for aging, dry or problem skin.
    • Linoleic fatty acid - dries up excess oil in skin and reduces clogged pores, which is great for acne prone skin.
    • Eicosenoic fatty acids - readily absorbs into the skin, won't clog pores and helps balance oily skin.


    Biodynamic Skincarebiodynamic skincare organic soapnuts

    We believe in making potent and effective skincare and haircare, and so we are very fortunate to be able to source and use biodynamic herbs to use inour products.

    Biodynamic herbs capture and maintain their vital forces, passing along a pure and potent inner quality to our skincare

    We currently use (depending on availability) the following British-grown biodynamic herbs: Burdock, comfrey, marigold (calendula), marshmallow, mullein, yarrow, sage, rosemary and plantain.

    Biodynamic agriculture dates back to 1928, it is the first ecological farming system and it is also the highest form of sustainable agriculture. Biodynamic farming goes beyond organic by being self-contained, self-sustaining, and following the cycles of nature.

    Biodynamic farming recognizes the more subtle rhythms of nature associated with the sun, the moon and the planets, and this forms the basis of an annually produced planting calendar. This guides the farmer towards appropriate times for cultivation and sowing for maximum quantity and quality. The farmer also incorporates numerous proactive holistic and metaphysical aspects of farming aimed at increasing the nutritional quality of the crop and protecting the balance of the eco-system.