How do our Organic Soapnuts get to the UK?

Certified Organic  +  Wild-Crafted  +  Hand Processed  +  Ship Freighted



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Where are our organic wild-crafted soapnuts from?

Our Organic wild-crafted Soapnuts (free from pesticide and not contributing to deforestation) are grown in forests in rural parts of India, which are actually owned by some of the farmers/collectors. Our soapnuts employ many unskilled workers through contract-farming.

What is Contract Farming?

The families that live in or nearby these forest communities are able to work by collecting, sorting, grading, drying and packing Living Naturally Soapnuts. This means an additional income source and also they workers are able to learn a trade. The work experience is invaluable as not only can they provide for their families but it enables them to also look further afield for work with their new skills.

How are Living Naturally Organic Soapnuts collected?

A linen is spread under the tree to catch the mature fruits when they fall down. The shells soap nuts soapnuts vegan organic hand sorted india himalayas wildcraftedare then dried and cleaned, the seeds are removed and we are left with the soapnut shells. The soapnut seeds can then be replanted.

The leftover shells are dried in the sun using absolutely no chemical processing.They are then ship-freighted in bulk to the UK to minimise carbon footprint.

Even though the demand for soapnuts has increased, because the seeds can be replanted and the trees are never actually harmed, they are completely sustainable!

Through our continued sales we are able to supply work to over 40 families.
We are very greatful to them for helping us to bring the world soapnuts ... the organic soap that grows on trees!