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Living Naturally

Our Ethics


Ethical Sourcing: We only source ingredients from ethical suppliers, whose business practices do not harm people, animals or the planet. Our ingredients are sourced locally in the UK, or from fairtrade suppliers and co-operatives abroad. We believe strongly in supporting the communities from which we buy our ingredients.

Organically Certified Skingredients: We only use organically certified plant and oil ingredients in our bath, haircare and skincare ranges. Our soapnuts are certified by Ecocert, India Organic & USDA. All of our other organic ingredients are certified by The Soil Association, and we are looking into getting this certification for all of our organic skincare and haircare. We do not use any GM ingredients.

Biodynamic Skingredients: All of our biodynamic ingredients are DEMETER certified. DEMETER is the official international econ–label for raw materials and finished products that come from Biodynamic® agriculture and processing facilities.

No Palm Oil: As of the end of 2015 we no longer buy or use palm oil in any of our products. We previously used RSPO certified palm, but because not enough was being done to safeguard wildlife within the RSPO remit, we decided that we would stop using it altogether. Even though it is much harder to formulate products like lotion and shampoo without palm and SLSs, we have decided that in our opinion a truly eco-friendly product should not contain palm oil. We hold our ethical standards to all of our ingredients. If we find a product to be in breach of our ethics we will discontinue its use. Sometimes this may mean reformulating products, but this is a small price to pay.

Accessibility: We are continually auditing our product prices to make sure they are accessible to everyone. We want our products to be value for money, whilst not cutting corners or costs by exploiting the planet or people to obtain the ingredients. We believe that being healthy shouldn't cost more and should be accessible to everyone. All of our product pricing is kept low, with no huge markups. We also create products that are multi-use to offer true value for money. We shall be doing more in this area including free diy recipes and community/group buying.

Supporting Charities: We have a policy of supporting charities and causes that we believe in. The causes we support are: Animal Shelters & Wildlife Preservation, Community Support, Environmental education and Food Justice amongst others. Please do keep an eye on our website for more causes that we spport.


vegan certified skincareVegan

Certified Vegan: 100% of our products are certified vegan by The Vegan Society. The Vegan Society logo also appears online on our website and all of our product labels, so you can shop with absolute confidence.

No To Animal Testing: We do not test our products on animals, and we do not purchase ingredients from companies that perform animal testing. We do not use any animal-derived ingredients in any of our products.


Sustainability & The Environment

Sustainable: Our soapnuts are wildcrafted (forest-grown) and have not been planted on cleared/stripped land. Our soapnuts do not contribute to deforestation in any way. We only use a small percentage (under 5%) of the world's total supply of soapnuts.

Deliveries: Most of our ingredients are sourced from the UK. Our soapnuts are imported

earth day every day

into the UK by ship-freight. We are committed to reducing air-freight of products and ingredients.

Packaging: Our packaging is made up entirely of recycled/recyclable plastic, glass, biodegradable cotton and paper, and we also do product refils. Our printed cards and marketing material is printed on fsc certified paper with vegetable ink. We have paper packaging or no packaging options for some of our products, hopefully helping our customers move to a plastic-free or zero-waste life, and reducing landfil as we go.

Office Workshop Policies: We only use recycled paper and have a full recycling programme in effect in our workshop. We recycle all packaging from ingredient/supplies deliveries including plastic bubble wrap. We do have the option for customers to choose only paper packaging.

100% Green: We are powered by 100% renewable energy!  Earth Day Every Day!


handmade artisan skincare made in londonHandmade


Good Manufacturing Practice: We make and fulfil all of our products by hand in our London workshop, which is a dedicated vegan and gluten free kitchen/workspace. We adhere rigorously to good manufacturing practice.

Tried & Tested: All our products comply fully with European regulations and have been tested for their safety and stability by leading industry assessors at Cosmetic Safety Assessors.

Artisan: We create all of our products by hand in our London workshop. Our products are created with intention, using effective formulations, made with positive vibrations, love and care.