Peppermint Essential Oil 10ml


  • Sweet & rich smelling. Reviving, cooling, clearing. When burned or vaporised it can also act as a mental stimulant, refreshing the mind and boosting concentration. It can ease headaches, cool and calm anger and hysteria. It's also a useful deterrent for vermin - e.g. mice, rats, ants and cockroaches, especially when combined with Eucalyptus.
    Peppermint oil should be avoided late at night and by insomniacs.
  • Plant native to Europe used by Romans and Egyptians for digestive properties. Peppermint Essential is a very versatile oil. It's good for calming itchy skin (you just need to add one drop to your bath). It may also calm upset tummys - try diluting it in a carrier oil and then massaging the affected area in a clockwise direction. Massage treatment may also help improve digestion and reduce flatulence. You may also find it useful in a foot bath (not more than 3 drops) to cool and deodorise feet. Good to use in conjunction with Lavender and Marjoram during winter, either as a chest rub (diluted with carrier oils) or to burn or vaporise when it will help to clear a blocked nose and congested sinuses. Peppermint has a lovely cooling action which can also help to clear nasal passages when used in a steam inhalation.