Free From Skincare Awards 2016 ... We Won!!!!

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 11 July, 2016


We picked up FOUR awards including Silver for The Best Free From Skincare brand in the fifth annual FreeFrom Skincare Awards this weekend. It is so lovely to be recognised by such a prestigious award for our soapnut skincare. Not only winning one, but four awards is very exciting!

The Awards were founded to encourage and reward manufacturers of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, chemicals, additives and fragrances associated with skin sensitivities, allergies, and ethical, environmental and health concerns.

The awards were presented at The Love Natural, Love Organic Show at Olympia on Friday 8th July, by ‘Imperfectly Natural’ beauty and holistic health guru, Janey Lee Grace.

The announcements followed a long judging process which included a rigorous month-long assessment by testers recruited by the Awards’ associates, the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, and concluded with week-long expert judging sessions.

The Judges comments included:

"A first-time entrant with excellent products, all four of which were shortlisted, and deserved winner of three category medals."

Our other three awards were for:

award winning organic vegan free from skincare

Men's Grooming: Bronze for our Man Balm

“Over the month I feel that my skin does feel very well looked after, nicely moisturised and protected … it’s looking healthy and glowing, and there is no irritation, blemishes or sensitivity. I feel it would really come into its own during a cold winter when your face is exposed to the elements.”




Hair Care: Bronze for our Botanic Hair Oil

“The fragrance was lovely, herbal and fresh smelling. I have found the condition of my scalp to be improved, I suffer from dermatitis and the product has soothed it somewhat, it is less itchy."

"Left my hair soft and shiny. Does what it promises and I would buy it again, though I still have nearly the whole bottle left!”



Hard Soaps: Silver for our Activated Charcoal Soap

“Left my hands very soft and I didn't need to use a moisturiser as well. I was surprised as some soaps can be quite drying but this did have a nourishing effect.”

“Really gentle. Lathered well, didn't crack. Kept its subtle fragrance. Loved the packaging, loved that it's vegan, it could make a cute gift too.”



So many great comments from the judges, we're sooo freaaakkking stoked!!!!





Why You Should Never Use Petroleum Jelly As A Moisturiser

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 20 June, 2016

Most people never think of the ingredients in their products unless they have to. They assume that the companies are reputable, honest and wouldn't make things for our skin that could harm us. Let's face it unless you have an intolerance or an allergy, most people never really question any ingredients.


What's wrong with Vaseline?

Now I don't know anyone with a Vaseline allergy, but seeing Petrolatum on a product ingredient list should definitely scare you. Why would you want to put deodorised and filtered crude oil onto your face or body?

A guy called Richard Cheesebrough started selling 'Vaseline' around 1870. He made the Petroleum Jelly by using the residue of West Virginian crude oil (known as Rod Wax), distilling it and filtering it through 'Bone-Black' (animal bone charcoal). The process has changed a bit, but they finished product is still made from crude oil. It also has other names like soft paraffin, mineral jelly etc.

So not only is it made from crude oil, but that oil is taken on lands that could be farming food crops instead.


So apart from it being refined crude oil, what does it do to your skin?

If that wasn't bad enough, petroleum jelly is known as an occlusive. That means that it covers your skin and stops it from losing moisture, by creating a barrier and actually stopping it from breathing. And if your skin isn't spotlessly clean in the first place, it allows fungi to fester under it's barrier.

'But it makes my skin feel moisturised' you say? ... How does it do this? Well it stops water loss by suffocating your skin.

If you have petroleum jelly on your skin, and it looks moisturised, but you know it doesn't draw any moisture from the air, then it can only draw moisture from one place ... Your body and organs! So now you know why your lips look so plump.

The trick is that most of these types of products have other ingredients like emollients (oils and fats) and humectants (e.g. glycerine) to improve the feel of it and also how it behaves on your skin. So it will feel moisturised with the other synthetic ingredients in it, but your skin is very far from nourished.


Sooo ... let's recap:

1 - Made from Crude Oil - Fossil fuel, unsustainable - It has an environmental impact.

2 - Stops your skin from breathing.

3 - Draws moisture from your internal body and organs to plump up your skin.


What's the alternative?

Do not believe the hype! Just because the cream might claim to keep you moisturised for a number of hours or cost £100, you should still look at all the ingredients!

Even better, look for natural skincare products that use plant waxes, oils and butters to create superior products that will actually moisturise and nourish your skin. Simples!

How To Use Our Natural Soapnut Shampoo Bars

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 25 April, 2016

To get the most beautiful, bouncy, natural head of hair, make sure you are using the right bar for your hair type. Each of our shampoo bars are made with a unique recipe and contains a different blend of natural plant oils, essential oils, and clays, herbs or spices. Likewise each person's hair and scalp is unique and will react differently. Here is our quick cheat sheet for picking the right soapnut shampoo bar for you ...

Vegan Life Magazine Review - October 2015

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 01 October, 2015

Soapnuts are a dried shell which can be used an alternative to chemical cleaners. They are totally hypoallergenic, very sustainable and can be used for many things - as a multi-purpose cleaner, clothes detergent - and now, shampoo. This vegan society approved rosemary and marshmallow shampoo smells delicious. It is so gentle it can be used as a body, or even face wash too. But that doesn't mean it doesn't do the job. After lathering up, my hair felt clean, and was deliciously, but not overpoweringly, scented. It left my locks with a definite sheen and softness that lasted for a couple of days. This shampoo combines a good, natural product with an ethically-sourced ingredient.


Soapnut Laundry Hack Number 7 : Using Linen Water For Toxin Free Fragrant Laundry

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 27 September, 2015

rose lavender orange floral water for soap nut laundry

Did you know that some fabric softener sheets actually use tallow animal fat. Normal fabric softener isn't any better with other toxic ingredients like chloroform, alpha terpineol, ethanol, synthetic musks etc. All of which can add up to allergies, asthma and sensitive skin.

So just skip all that nasty bad stuff and simply spray your drying Laundry with our alcohol free, antibacterial pure floral linen waters. These are so pure they can also be used as facial toners.

Soapnut Laundry Hack Number 6: Using Leftover Bits Of Soapnut Soap For Your Laundry

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 17 September, 2015

If you are like me and have loads of leftover soapnut soap that might just be too small to use, simply grate them up and throw them in the wash with your Laundry. You get clean fresh washing and you use up any bits of soap! The best thing about it is, that repurposed soap/laundry detergent is vegan, made with organic ingredients, contains no sls. parabens, phosphates, bleaches or any other rubbish. Sounds like a perfect alternative to conventional laundry detergent to me! Love soap, hate waste!

Soapnut Laundry Hack Number 5: Using Soapnut Soap Bars For Handwashing Laundry

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 10 September, 2015

zero waste laundry washing with soapnut soap bars handwashing laundry

If you are backpack travelling or just travelling light, and especially if you have no access to a washing machine, did you know you can use our soapnut soap bars to wash yourselves and your clothes as well?! Rub the soap bar onto wet clothes, scrub clothes using hands or washboard, rinse and dry. Do a patch test on delicate clothing. 

Soapnut Laundry Hack Number 4: Keeping Colours and Whites Bright

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 03 September, 2015

To make sure your washing stays bright and colours stay vibrant, use a colour catcher in your wash. Just add one sheet into the drum with your clothes and it will collect any stray dirt or colour floating around. No more dingy washing!

Whether you use one of the magical sheets in every wash or just with your favourite garments, they are an absolute must have for the keeping your colours and whites brighter for longer. By popping a Colour & Dirt Collector sheet in your wash you don’t have to worry, your lovely flowery dress or your red and white rugby shirt will come out the same as it went in, along with all the other clothes in the wash.

We also use soda crystals or bicarbonate of soda in the wash, this may not suitable for all fabrics. We add white vinegar into the conditioner drawer which helps create an oxygenated cleaner when it mixes with the soda or bicarb. It is also a great softener! Alternatively you can just use your favourite laundry bleach, it will not impact the efficacy of the soapnuts.

Soapnut Laundry Hack Number 3: How To Use Soapnut Powder For Laundry

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 26 August, 2015

soapnut powder for laundry

Add two tablespoons of Soapnut powder into a muslin bag or old sock. You can add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil onto the muslin bag or sock to add a fragrance to your laundry. We're using Lemon Thyme at the moment ... anti-bacterial, fresh and summery! For more information of other good essential oils to use check our previous Laundry hack post. Put the muslin bag or sock into the drum with your clothes. Wash clothes as directed. After the wash has finished discard any Soapnut powder in compost or garden (keeps slugs and snails away).

For more tips on how to use soapnuts for laundry visit our FAQ section

Soapnut Laundry Hack Number 1: Making Homemade Soapnut Laundry Liquid

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 20 August, 2015

homemade organic soapnut laundry liquid

Add 50g of Organic Soapnuts into a pan with 1 litre of water. Boil for 5 minutes, then simmer for a further 5-10 minutes. Take off hob and let the liquid cool down. Once cooled, strain out the liquid into a container/bottle. Keep the boiled soapnuts (I keep mine in the fridge until I need them again) as they can be reboiled another 5 times, giving you in total 6 litres of laundry liquid! When the Soapnuts are finished, compost them in your garden to keep the slugs and snails away!

TOP TIP: You can add more water if you wish to make more liquid. For each litre you add, also add an additional 5 minutes boiling time.

TO USE: 1 cup/250 ml of homemade laundry liquid into the drawer of your washing machine.

For more tips on how to use soapnuts for laundry visit our FAQ section