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Silver awards at Free From Skincare Awards 2018!

So happy to say that we have won TWO SILVER AWARDS at the Annual Free From Skincare Awards!










We won Silver for our Calendula & Chamomile Soapnut Soap, and the lovely judges had this to say:


“Lightly herbal – a lovely soft fragrance. Lather improved with each use. Was impressed with how clean my hands felt … it didn’t irritate my eczema or worsen my chapped skin at all.  Compared to usual (including some natural) soaps, my skin felt much better moisturised. I was impressed with the firm and substantial nature of the soap – held its shape well and is lasting and lasting! Stood up to a month’s testing better than many other natural soaps I’ve tried.” 

We also won Silver for our Fragrance Free Organic Deodorant, and had these great comments from the judges:

“The product had no scent other than that of the ingredients – the main scent was shea butter, which is pleasant and nutty. Kept me deodorised, all day, for up to 48 hours – even after gardening.  I definitely noticed that there was less sweat than with other products I’ve used. My skin felt softer. This is a vast improvement on the other natural deodorants I’ve used or made myself. This is now a firm favourite and I will make sure I always have this on my bathroom shelf from now on.”

“Dried quickly. I was very unsure about this product before I tried it, I do a lot of cycling and was really concerned that my armpits would smell by the end of the day if I didn’t use my normal deodorant. I was impressed at how effective it was and found my armpits didn’t smell as awful as I was expecting after a 20 or 30 mile bike ride! You only needed a small amount and the pot will last for ages so I will be buying it again.”

The Awards were founded to encourage and reward manufacturers of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, chemicals, additives and fragrances associated with skin sensitivities, allergies, and ethical, environmental and health concerns.




The awards were presented at a presentation event held at Olympia, Kensington, on Thursday 5th July. The announcements followed a long judging process which included a rigorous month-long assessment by four experienced skincare testers, and concluded with week-long expert judging sessions.