Soapnut Laundry Hack Number 1: Making Homemade Soapnut Laundry Liquid

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 20 August, 2015

homemade organic soapnut laundry liquid

Add 50g of Organic Soapnuts into a pan with 1 litre of water. Boil for 5 minutes, then simmer for a further 5-10 minutes. Take off hob and let the liquid cool down. Once cooled, strain out the liquid into a container/bottle. Keep the boiled soapnuts (I keep mine in the fridge until I need them again) as they can be reboiled another 5 times, giving you in total 6 litres of laundry liquid! When the Soapnuts are finished, compost them in your garden to keep the slugs and snails away!

TOP TIP: You can add more water if you wish to make more liquid. For each litre you add, also add an additional 5 minutes boiling time.

TO USE: 1 cup/250 ml of homemade laundry liquid into the drawer of your washing machine.

For more tips on how to use soapnuts for laundry visit our FAQ section

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