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How To Use Soapnuts To Wash Real Cloth Nappies

For all those newly initiated Soapnut revolutionaries, here’s a little how-to wash real/cloth nappies that should help you get rid of all stains and odours!

Step 1 – Preparing your nappies

When using the real/cloth nappies if they are cotton, hemp or bamboo wash them 3 – 4 times before use to improve absorbency (no need to dry them in between washes). You may also want to wash the covers, check the manufacturers wash instructions/advice.

Step 2 – Storing soiled nappies

Most nappy pails/buckets come with mesh bag liners. When baby soils his nappy, change as usual with real nappies and then place soiled nappies into mesh bag in bucket (so you don’t need to touch it) and when the bag is full simply pick up bag and deposit in machine. For poopy nappies, dispose of poop/disposable liner in toilet, place soiled nappy in mesh bag in nappy bucket, change as usual.

Step 3 – To soak or not to soak

Check the manufacturers instructions as some real nappies/covers/liners etc should not be soaked. If You Can soak them, then soak soiled nappies for a couple of hours in cold water (hot water can set stains) before washing them, to help with stain removal. Alternatively, just run them through a cold cycle first (recommended so urine and the bits get washed away).

Step 4 – Washing

Make sure you wash your real nappies using manufacturer instructions. Some nappies can be washed at 40 degrees, some at 60 degrees, so just check the wash instructions before washing. Also if your baby is younger than 6 months old ( and manufacturer instructions allow) it may be better to wash at 60 degrees C to remove bacteria, as they are still developing a resistance to infection.

Now here's the breakdown of how to use Soapnuts in your wash:

Washing with Soapnut Shells:
Simply put five of our Organic Soapnut Shells into wash bag, soak them for three minutes in hot water, then put soaked nuts into drum with cloth nappies. Wash as directed. Once used, our Soapnuts can be reused up to 4 more times.

Washing with Soapnut Powder: Simply put two tablespoons of our Organic Soapnut Powder in a sock/muslin bag and tie a knot in it, put in drum of machine with cloth nappies. Wash as directed.

Washing with Concentrated Soapnut Liquid: You can use 1 or 2 teaspoons of our Concentrated Soapnut Liquid in the drawer of your washing machine. Add clothes, wash as directed.

Washing with Homemade Soapnut Liquid: Once you have made your Homemade Organic Soapnut Liquid, pour 1 -2 cups into drum of washing machine, add wash load, and wash as directed.

For any stains: Try a natural stain remover like our 100% Natural Stain Remover.

Adding a Fragrance: You can add Essential Oils  which will help to disinfect the wash. Simply add 5 - 10 drops onto the soapnut wash bag or sock and add to the wash with your clothes. Best antibacterial essential oils are: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon Myrtle, Orange, Geranium & Rose.

You can also use our Pure Floral Water Linen Sprays onto drying nappies, which are all antibacterial and leave a gentle fragrance.

For more information please visit: http://www.soapnuts.co.uk