Orethic Reusable Organic Sanitary Pad Pack


If you are not sure what size you will need, how about trying these 3-Multisize pack to have a panty-liner for the light days, one Medium for normal or heavy days and a Large one for night time.

Getting three you also save money!

Large pad dimensions:

wings opened: 11″ long x 7″ 3/4″ wide

wings snapped: 11″ long x 3″ 1/4″ wide

folded: 3.50″x 3″

Medium pad dimensions:

wings opened: 9″ long x 7.50″ wide

wings snapped: 9″ long x 3″wide

folded: 3.25″x 3″

Panty-liner/small pad dimensions:

wings opened 7.75″ long x 5.75″ wide

wings snapped 7.75″ long x 2.25″ wide

folded:2.50″x 2.50″