Discounted Soap & Shampoo

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Handmade soaps are the best way to cleanse your skin without harsh chemicals and we love making them here at Soapnuts HQ! We create magical bars of soap here, but sometimes they aren't as perfect as we would like them.

When we make soap, the block of soap firms up after a day or two and it is cut into individual bars. It is safe to use after a few days, but is soft and contains excess moisture. The soap is left to dry, or cure, for up to 6 weeks. The additional drying allows water to evaporate resulting in a proper bar of soap.

At the moment we have a few batches of soap that haven't hardened quite as much as we would like so we are offering them at discounted price. They are perfectly fine to use and they are still extremely effective soap.

So grab yourself some of these soaps at these amazing prices!!