Honour Your Flow Reusable Sanitary Pads

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All the fabrics that Honour Your Flow cloth menstrual products are made from are the best quality we can find. Our pads are made from organic cotton top and inner layers. We believe natural fabrics are very important, as they make wearing your washable menstrual products cool and comfortable, with none of the unpleasant symptoms that have been associated with disposables. You don't get burning, itching or thrush symptoms during your period when you use natural fabrics. Some women (enough to take notice of) report lighter bleeding and less pain when they use cloth menstrual pads.


All Honour Your Flow pads are pre-washed and ready to use. You should wash them with dark colours for the first few washes in case the dye runs a little. When you do wash them, as far as the fabrics are concerned, they can all be washed up to 60', although the PUL in the Maxis, Megas and Nights would prefer 40', which is also a more environmentally friendly temperature. Personally I have washed mine at all different temperatures to see what happens, and to be honest, I don't see much difference between washing at 30', 40' and 60'. But there is something else you should know about washing cloth menstrual pads, and that is the nature of heating blood. As blood is a protein, it can set with heating (like the white of an egg when you cook it), so there is actually a scientific reason to wash low rather than high. Never use fabric conditioners on your cloth pads! They reduce the absorbency of cloth pads.


Mini Pads: These Mini pads are suitable if you are a UK trouser size 8-12. They measure 8" x 2.5".  The slimmer the person, the shorter the pad needed.

Micro Pads: The pads measure  6" by 2" at the narrowest part. If you are wearing knickers with a gusset wider than 2" then your knickers will bunch up a bit at the gusset, but some knickers will still be perfectly comfortable eg. soft silky knickers, silk shorts, etc.. Perfect for every day wear.