Living Naturally Christmas Gift Guide Part 2 - Fragrance Free

Posted by Shashi @ Soapnuts HQ on 16 December, 2015

vegan organic fragrance free hypoallergenic christmas gifts for sensitive skin

Last few days to catch the Christmas post, so here are some beautiful Fragrance Free products for anyone with sensitive skin.

Fragrance Free ...

fragrance free vegan organic hypoallergenic christmas gifts

Top-left: Coconutty Shampoo Bar - A beautifully constructed shampoo with loads of organic coconut milk for superior lather and rice bran oil for added conditioning properties. Nourishing & Moisturising. Suitable for all hair/skin types, especially for dry or lack luster hair/skin or inflamed sore skin.

Top-right: Fragrance Free Shampoo - This botanically enhanced beautiful formulation, which contains conditioning organic botanical extracts of Nettle, Chickweed, Rosemary, Marshmallow & Soapnuts will cleanse your hair without stripping it and promote strong healthy hair growth.

Bottom-left: Fragrance Free Soapnut Salve - Our 100% Natural, 90% Organic, Vegan Botanically Infused Balm, infused with seven organic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory soothing herbs, will calm and deeply moisturise your skin leaving it soothed and protected. A deeply moisturising emollient balm.

Bottom-right: Fragrance Free Lip Balm - Our Organic Vegan Lip Balm is made with protective and nutritive oils, butters and waxes enhanced with our Organic Soapnut Extract and organic botanical extracts of chickweed, calendula and marshmallow to create an anti-inflammatory, healing, softening and nourishing lip balm.

Our Soapnut Skincare & Haircare products contain our Organic Soapnut Extract which has a stimulating effect to skin cells and helps the skin to produce it's own hyaluronic acid, which creates better hydrated, softer and smoother skin. Inside the fruit there are also natural sugars which attract moisture to the skin and lock it in, making the skin more resistant and elastic - therefore helping in the battle against dry and ageing skin.

Hopefully we have given you some great ideas for gifts this Christmas, and we hope you all have a peaceful and joyful Christmas!









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