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soapnuts reviews and testimnials

daisy green mag review on soapnuts Daisy Green Magazine: Nuts About Soapnuts ... Caroline put them to the test and... Washing is at the very least a daily occurrence in my house, with two small boys it’s often even more frequent than that. So it seems I was the perfect person to try out Living Naturally’s Soapnut Shells laundry detergent. They’re presented in a 100% recyclable cardboard tube adorned with the various approvals soapnuts has received and full instructions on how to use them. I was very sceptical at first because they are actually nut shells! You put them in a cotton bag in the machine drum with your clothes and wash as you usually would. I have to be honest, I was expecting to be let down. My boys get dirty – as little boys do (and indeed all children and some grown-ups, too!) and their clothes take a battering. ... Read More

Daisy Green Magazine: Naturally Beautiful hair... With the wildly changeable weather we’re having at the moment it seems strange to do a summer hair feature. But, in the hope that we get some sunny weather and just in case you’re off somewhere hot on your holidays, here’s what we recommend to keep your hair looking healthy and feeling soft. Ayurvedic shampoo bar made from soapnuts with added coconut and mango butter for extra softness & shine is made with vegan society approved products. Not only can you use it on your own hair but also on the hair of animals too. Never a more versatile hair care product has been found! Soapnuts, 100g, £6.. ... Read More

ecologist review on soapnuts

The Ecologist: How To Make Your Own Beauty Products... Whether you’re foraging for ingredients or scouring the shelves of your local health food store, DIY beauty products are as good for the planet as they are for your skin. ‘For centuries, plants have been the basic skin care ingredients that can be used right across the board,’ says Dee Aktinson, Medical Herbalist and Medical Director of Napiers Herbal Dispensaries and Clinics. ‘Women have been making their own skin care remedies for centuries - way before you could go to Boots and buy those products that are often filled with chemicals.’ The art of foraging for your cosmetic kit is now largely forgotten, with the ease, convenience and efficacy of commercial products trumping ethical concerns. But that doesn’t mean those skills can’t be relearnt, with plenty of beautifying herbs, berries and nuts to be found in your local woodland. Not only are foraged remedies free from chemical nasties, they’re ultra cheap to boot. And if you can’t find the right ingredient outside? Head to your local health food shop for organic base and essential oils. Here’s what to look out for ... Read More

the baoli review of living naturally soapnuts IN FOCUS: Health & Wellbeing @ The Baoli As the magazine titles scream at you: New Year, New You! You may find yourself returning to your diet or detox book you only bought to find 'new you' a year ago or buy a yearly gym membership (again) just because you feel guilty overeating on too many Christmas sweets and treats. If nothing that you have tried, to keep your body & mind healthy and balanced, has ever worked for you and your New Year resolutions end with the end of January, why don’t you reach out for one of our inspirational wellness ideas and see how fantastic you feel about yourself and your life then? Read Review


ecolovers review of soapnuts

EcoLovers Review: Soapnuts – An impressive, environmentally friendly, laundry detergent. This 1 KG pack is extremely good value when you consider that you have a minimum of 260 washes from this quantity of soapnuts. About a month ago I was passed an article in a national magazine that advertised a 100% hypoallergenic, sustainable and biodegradable laundry detergent – Soapnuts. These nuts are also known as Soapberry, Reetha(Hindi), or Chinese soapberry and grow on trees, primarily in Northern India and Nepal. Read More

THE FUSSIEST EATER BLOG: Festival Of Life, London. [-]
The’ Festival of Life’ took place in Holborn, London. I got there around 11am and cruised the stalls for about 2 hours. The Festival deals with inspirational talks, workshops and has over 80 ethical stalls which all include non-animal products. The stalls ranged from Vegan & Raw food, health proteins & products, eco-friendly products, yoga and much more. Read More
NATURAL SOAP ZONE: I have written about soap nuts as a potential variation on homemade laundry detergent earlier. The most typical question you get about these “nuts” is almost invariably: do they really work? [-]
In short, yes they do. At least on moderately dirty laundry – which is what most modern people are washing most of the time anyway – the results are perfectly adequate. But don’t take my word for it. Read More
AS A VEGAN I am testing Soapnuts! Having read a post about Soapnuts on Alicia Silverstones Kind Life blog I was so glad to receive some to test out. [-]
The soapnuts are from Living Naturally and come in a box with a muslim bag to put them into for your machine. I was very impressed by my first load the clothes came out very clean and even appeared to be less creased and softer than with my old liquid. Read More
BABIES NAPPIES: Soapnuts Review. [-]
Soapnuts, as with most types of laundry products, often get mixed reviews, and may not always be manufacturer recommended for use with cloth nappies, however our Nappy Guru Ruth shares a glowing review of her recent experiences of Soap Nuts when used on both her nappy loads and her regular laundry. Read her review…


I am writing this to tell you how delighted i am with Soapnuts. I saw you had a stand at at Vegfest and as i have been having trouble with smells from the kids clothes that remain after using normal washing liquid i had a chat and and decided to purchase Soapnuts and give them a try. So i went home and used the nuts as directed and could not believe  how well they worked with clean and odour free clothes. i have done a few washes and every time the results are the same. i contacted my local radio station Radio Bristol and local water company to tell them how delighted i am with your product  and hope you can send them some samples for them to try, i am absolutely over the moon and can not express my gratitude enough .I have tried the nuts with a little bicarb and white Vinegar as in your directions and its just brilliant and so much less expensive per wash and results are amazing. I wish i had learned of Soapnuts along time a go. i hope life will be a lot easier now many many thanks a very satisfied customer 10/10 ... Since purchasing your Soapnuts from your stall at Bristol Vegfest, i can not stop talking about them to so many people. I have given 34 bags with 5 Soapnuts in each with a information leaflet to people so they can try them out and hoping they are impressed as i am. I have done about 24 washes and all have worked 100%. I have used some Bicarbonate of Soda and a little white vinegar in some of the washes which works very well too. I have been told that in India they clean their hair with the soapnut liquid and also the floors are clean of insects.PS you are never to old to learn. Many many thanks Mr M.B.Earley a very happy and satisfied customer.

...the soap nuts were a huge success ( as was the CompMed event ). There was so much discussion on them and a good percentage of parents had never heard of them. Everyone was impressed and eager to try them. Just by chance one of the mums uses them and was singing your praises and was telling everyone how great they are and she never, ever uses commercial powders/liquids anymore. Of course there were some sceptics but feedback since has been full of praise and they have been proven wrong! Thankyou for providing such a fantastic product, I'm sure you will be having custom come your way. It was great to give parents a product that they had no previous knowledge of. Garance x

"...I'm a cloth nappy advisor and I've just started using soapnuts on my own nappies. They're brilliant as you don't get the detergent build up you often get with regular washing powders and so eliminate the need for extra rinsing at the end of the wash...I love them - leaves them all fluffy too!..Ruth..."
Baby Centre BabyCentre is the UK's number one pregnancy and parenting website. Every month, two million parents and parents-to-be visit us for helpful information, expert advice and friendly support.

I would purchase the soapnuts again. They work great! My clothes look, feel & smell clean, they are soft & the soap nuts appear to be color safe as well. Their smell is similar to vinegar to me but when rinsed...just plain clean.  I took 1 cup of the nuts & added 3 cups of water and boiled (low boil, simmer) this for 20 min. I strained it (I saved the soap nuts as they were still a nice brown color. When they dried completely, I was able to get a dozen good laundry washes out of the cup of already boiled soapnuts. How is that for value?) & let the liquid cool to room temp. I then added an equal part distilled water, 1/2 cup vinegar, 1 table Spoon 91% Isopropyl Alcohol & 15 drops of lemon essential oil. WOW! The BEST all purpose "Green" cleaner I have ever used. If you use a micro fiber cloth, even better. A little of this cleaner goes a long way! Your prices are fantastic & so are the soap nuts. Thank-You, Kimberley

I spent a great evening yesterday testing three samples I now have! All I can say, is thank goodness I had carefully separated the samples and labeled them! One smelt stronger and more vinegary than the others! I then tested them in equal amounts in tubs of water and shook them up to check the foaming of them! It transpired after 40 degree cotton washes with each, that I settled on your one... An interesting evening that amused my children no end, and a moment of panic when my husband thought that I had put out some nice nutty snack for him to eat! Michelle

Now I have had a chance to use the soap nuts a few times I can confidently say that they work very well. I was a bit concerned that the vinegary smell may be noticeable but once the clothes are dry it isn’t noticeable at all. I do, however like my washing to smell of something so I add 5 or 6 drops of essential oil to the conditioner compartment of the washing machine. Lavender and ylang ylang work very well. I pre-soak new nuts in hot water for a few minutes and save the water as it makes a good cleaning solution for other things. They are very good value and good for the environment so all round I am very pleased. Thanks, Justine, Windmill Furnishings incorporating I am very pleased with the soapnuts i purchased from you:) they are an excellent sustainable solution, especially worthwhile in the current economic climate, and the information leaflet which accompanied the soapnuts was also very useful and informative:) Thank DanI use them for everything as suggested in your advice sheet and also in a little bag for getting the soap ring off the bath, and again ina bag to wash greasy pans with. It gets oil and grease off better than fairy liquid.

Hi, I am really pleased with the soap nuts they give a fantastic wash, better than those chemically loaded brands.  I have given a few soap nuts to family members with my strong recommendations of the product and you.  I will certainly be back to buy more from you, I am also interested in any other chemical free products you have.  The tips sheet was very interesting and I was suprised to find all the things you could use them for though as yet I haven't used them for anything else but if I find another use for them I will let you know. kind regards Ali

Hi there, We were (my wife was) given a few soap nuts to try, together with a similar page of helpfull hints. Needless to say, the very next day, I was told to get some. We are very happy with the soap nuts. We shall continue to use them, and to experiment with various uses. I shall continue to request them from your good self, but, because of their efficacy, that probably won't be too frequent. However, we are sending most of this batch to more friends and relatives - "Spreading the word". Good luck, many thanks, and you will hear from me again very shortly. Maurice Young

Love them. Give a great wash. I still use softner but mostly to make washing smell not because washing needs to be softer. Always use one teaspoon of bicarbonate if soda with whites to help make them sparkle. Have also boiled some up to make household cleaner, which not only cleans really well but thanks to the essential oils in it smells better than anything you will ever get in the shops. Got two of my friends using them already, price wise you can't go wrong and all while saving the planet - brilliant

I do all my washing by hand in the bath, and as I have 3 children the washing mounts up. I found using washing powder was murder on my hands, the soap nuts have been much kinder,I just put the bag with some nuts in under the hot tap. The clothes still get as clean, and I using the soap nuts will save me money. I will be buying more from you when these have run out. Thanks

Hi Just to let you know i am loving using the soap nuts they have definitely exceeded my expectations. I have cleared out every cleaner and all toiletries apart from deodorant not found a good alternative for that yet. I have switched to soap nuts, bi-carb and vinegar along with a few nice smelling things from the garden. I have even converted my parents and gran!!! Me and my son even have a soapynuts dance hehe ... Leanne

I love soap nuts. My husband gyms every day and with regular laundry powder every third wash, I would have to wash his gym clothes on a 60 degree setting & an hour wash cycle in order to get the sweaty smell out of his clothes and gym towels. Since using soap nuts & washing at 30 degrees on a 30 minute cycle I no longer have that problem. Fantastic!!! He's really pleased too (and so are his gym pals!!)...Peta

I just bought your product first time but since now I will never ever again come back to washing powder. That is for sure. I wish I knew about your product much earlier. I have persistent skin allergies and I have suffered for so long after using washing powders and now. I can eventually feel a relief. No more skin allergies, no more rushes and itchines, its amazing!!! Thank very much... Magdalena

I did a cold rinse cycle before the normal cycle for my nappies and they came out lovely and clean this time :) I bought some bicarbonate of soda from yourselves and today in the supermarket I got some White vinegar so I'm all set for tackling dirty washing loads, of which there will be many as I have 3 little boys. Thanks for your help, I've already been boasting about my soap nuts to my friends, I'll be sure to pass on your company's name to anyone interested...Sandra


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