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Soapnuts FAQs

Are soapnuts safe for those with nut allergies? [-]
Absolutely! They are actually hypoallergenic. They are a fruit related to the lychee, so there is no need to worry for those with nut allergies. In fact they are great for anyone with allergies! Using Living Naturally Soapnut Shells as a washing detergent and/or multi-purpose cleaner will help reduce your exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals and may result in an alleviation of symptoms. Read an independent reviews from customers whose eczema had cleared up as a result of using soapnuts as their washing detergent.

Are soapnuts safe for those with sensitive skin? [-]
Absolutely! Living Naturally Soapnut Shells are highly recommended for those with allergies or sensitive skin. They are 100% natural, free of synthetic chemicals and are hypoallergenic. Soapnuts are great for anyone who is sensitive to the dyes, perfumes and chemicals used in most commercial detergents and cleansers. Most people who are irritated by such commercial products find soapnuts their ideal solution. Some people have seen their eczema and psoriasis clear up as a result of using them. Soapnuts are beneficial for both bathing and as a laundry detergent.

Are soapnuts good for washing cloth nappies? [-]

Commercial detergents and soaps contain chemicals that build up in the nappy. Not only do these chemicals break down the fibres of the material causing it to loose absorbency and colour, but can also be irritating to your baby's skin. In addition, soapnuts are very effective at removing odours!

In fact, using commercial detergents does this to all of your clothes. Your clothes are coated with "whitening agents", optical bleaches and unknown chemicals and enzymes which affect the fibres and strip the colours away.

Have a look at our testimonials to see how many people report that their skin irritation and/or eczema ceases once they start to use soap nuts and bin their old chemical detergents. Read this independent review of soapnuts

I see very little suds when washing with soapnuts, are they cleaning my clothes? [-]

Yes. Soapnuts may produce little suds, but they are still working very effectively. Your clothes will still come out of the wash clean and fresh. Suds should not be equated to cleaning power. We have been brainwashed to think this way through decades of marketing. The foaming you see with most detergents is because of the artificial foaming agents used.

However, for all you die-hard suds addicts…to increase suds, between washes store your bag of soap nuts in a jar with water in and cover with a lid. When you use these already softened and moist nuts the saponin will be released quicker and you will get much more bubbles. The liquid in the jar can also be used in a dispenser in the drum of your washing machine as well. Also I Ihave noticed a lot more suds when I have used soapnut powder.

Using a low-sudsing alternative like soapnut shells or soapnut powder will not only keep your Energy Efficient washing machine running more efficently, but because soapnuts are also free of Sulphates, Phosphates, Phenols, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Petro-chemicals, Perfume and Bleach they are great for anyone with sensitivites as they are hypoallergenic. You can use soapnuts at any temperature from 30 – 90 degrees and they are 100% biodegradable!

To read more about how soapnuts are good for energy efficient washing machines click here

Does it matter that some of the soapnuts are pieces instead of whole? [-]

No. Since agitation is a catalyst in releasing the saponin, small pieces will work fine and possibly even release the saponin faster. Do not hesitate to break up the soap nuts into smaller pieces if desired, or be concerned if they are broken up while handling.

If you prefer, you can use your broken up soapnut shells to make soapnut powder or liquid, have a look at our ‘Soapnut Recipe…’ page for more recipes and ideas.

I use bleach in my whites. What can I use as a substitute for bleach? [-]

If you desire to bleach your whites, adding your bleach of choice will not affect the cleaning power of the soap nuts. Soapnuts do not have any added whiteners or enzymes to help with stains like chemical detergents, so you will need to pre-treat stubborn stains prior to washing. Use your favourite stain remover in conjunction with soapnuts laundry detergent. To find out more about treating stains click here , For really stubborn stains we suggest Vanish powder or Ecover laundry bleach.

If the soap nuts stay in the wash through the rinse cycle, don't they keep releasing soap? [-]
No, as long as you are using cold water in the rinse cycle. Soapnuts release very little saponin during the rinse cycle. This is why it is best to pre-soften soapnuts in warm water, use a cup of soapnuts liquid, or soapnuts powder, when washing in cold water.

Should I use a fabric softener or dryer sheets anymore? [-]

Normally there is no need. Livign Naturally Soapnut Shells naturally soften your laundry and reduce static. We highly recommend using no additives at all. Due to certain combinations of fabrics and environmental conditions, sometimes additives may be desired, but the need will be dramatically reduced.

For tips on how to use soapnuts to wash your laundry click here

Soapnuts have a vinegar-like scent. Will my laundry have this scent? [-]
The scent of the soapnuts does not transfer to your clothes. Amazingly, clothes come out of the wash smelling totally fresh and clean. There is not even a trace scent of the soapnut itself. Pure soapnut liquid may have a slight vinegar scent, it will not transfer to your laundry or cleaning either. If you prefer a scent, you can simply add a few drops of your essential oil of choice to a damp wash cloth or the soapnut wash bag and put it in with your washing.

Can I use too many nuts? [-]
We recommend four to eight whole Soapnuts per load. For really dirty clothes, giant loads, or when washing in cold water, you can use more nuts. You’ll know you’ve used too many nuts if your clothes feel stiff after washing. The stiffness results from excess saponin in the rinse water and is not harmful to you or the clothes. The stiffness will go away after the next washing.

Can Soapnuts help me save water and energy? [-]

Yes! Since there’s no soapy residue to rinse away you can use short to no rinse cycle on your washing machine. Also, soapnuts are totally organic and, as stated earlier, a mild insecticide. It is safe, even beneficial to put on your garden. Your washing machine uses about 50 litres (12 gallons!) of water per wash. Collect that waste and your watering problems are over. See above for the section on low sudsing detergents and energy efficient washing machines.

What do I do with the leftover shells? [-]
Fresh shells look like satin varnish, and progressively after approx 5 washes the inside of the nuts become matt beige or grey and the surface becomes darker. We suggest composting the shells, as the saponin should be completely exhausted there will be nothing to inhibit the creepy crawlies ingesting it. However if you are worried, put it in your green recycling.

To see when to dispose of your soapnut shells click here

Is there anything that I should concern myself with when using Soapnuts? [-]

As with a chemical cleanser, the only thing that we highly recommend is that soapnuts (in all forms) should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Soap nuts are not consumable and are harmful if eaten. Given their date-like appearance in raw shell form, a bag of soapnuts could look like food to a child or pet. Given their absolutely horrible taste, it is quite unlikely that any child or even a pet would not literally gag at the taste, but we simply recommend using good judgment and common sense in the storage of them.

Also because they contain soap/saponin, as with all soap products keep away from eyes. If soapnut liquid/powder goes into your eyes, rinse out with cold water immediately.


Ordering FAQs

how do I order? [-]
Browse through our shop - as well as soapnuts and soapnut powder, there are lots of other products to help you go chemical free! Simply click on the 'add to basket' button next to your item listing and the item(s) will be added to your shopping basket. You can increase or decrease the quantity by changing the quantity number in the box next to the product in your basket. Click recalculate.

how do I view my basket and review my order [-]
When you've chosen everything you would like, you can then click on the 'view basket' button (next to any item listing). This will take you to your basket where you can view your orders so far and amend them. If you are ready to pay click on 'go to payments'

how do I use my voucher codes? [-]
When you have finished adding items to your basket, you will find a 'voucher code' box on the checkout screen. Simply type your code into the box (it is not case sensitive), and click recalculate. Once discount has been applied click on 'go to payments'.

How do I get voucher codes? [-]
Once you place your first order you can email us for your own FREE FOREVER member discount code. You cal also sign up to our enewsletter or like us on Facebook or Twitter to take advantage of our regular offers.

payment details? [-]

We take payment via our checkout and we accept all major credit and debit cards including Switch, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Delta. We cannot accept payment by Diner's Club or American Express.

When your order is processed and confirmed you will be taken back to our website for confirmation and you will receive an email verifying your order details and that your payment was processed.

All web pages that involve the display or transmission of personal information (especially things such as credit card details) are encrypted using industry-standard 128-bit SSL security. This SSL encryption prevents any third party from seeing any personal information that is passed between your computer and our website.

can I pay by cheque? [-]
Yes. If you would like to pay by cheque please send us your cheque with details of your order by post. We will process your payment immediately, and upon clearance of your cheque we will send your order out and send you email confirmation. Please allow 7 days for clearance of cheque and a further two for delivery.

how do I order if I do not live in the UK? [-]

Currently we can ship soapnut orders up to 1.9 KG to anywhere in the world. Once you have placed your order in the Soapnut Shop, simply select your region (UK, EUROPE or REST OF THE WORLD) and postage will be added to your cart/order. Alternatively if your order is over 1.9 kG you can email us your order via

what if I don't want to order online? [-]
No problem! Just give us a call and we can take your order over the phone.

contact us [-]
We set up our website to make it as easy as possible to order online. However, sometimes it is just easiest to speak to a friendly person and have a chat about the best options for you. We are here to help so why not call or email now.

Delivery FAQs

what is your delivery charge? [-]

Our delivery charge is £3.49 on UK soapnut orders (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland). Different postage fees apply to SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, NORTHERN IRELAND, EUROPEAN soapnut orders and orders to the REST OF THE WORLD. After placing your order, simply choose your region and the postage will be added to your cart/order. For Scottish Highlands & Ireland please select European postage.

Shipping Charges:

UK - Under 1.9 KG = £3.49
UK - 2 - 10 KG = £5.99
Europe - Under 1.9 KG = £13.99
Rest Of The World - Under 1.9 KG = £23.99

If you know you will be out, please do provide a delivery address where packages can be received, as once orders have been returned to us for a reason within your control, (such as no one was in to take delivery) a re-delivery charge of £4.95 will be incurred.

If such undelivered orders are subsequently cancelled, any refund will have all delivery and return charges deducted from the refund amount.

when will my order be sent out? [-]
If your item is in stock, we will send out your order within 1 to 2 days. In busy times it may take us a little longer. Depending how much it weighs, your order will go by My Hermes Courier or Royal Mail.

Couriers deliver Monday to Friday, Royal Mail deliver Monday to Saturday - if you know you are usually out during the day, ask us to send your parcel to a different address when you place your order.

Standard delivery takes between 2 to 5 working days to reach you.

my soapnuts haven't arrived yet ... [-]

Please contact us if they have not arrived after one week.

If you know you will be out, please do provide a delivery address where packages can be received, as once orders have been returned to us for a reason within your control, (such as no one was in to take delivery) a re-delivery charge of £4.95 will be incurred.

If such undelivered orders are subsequently cancelled, any refund will have all delivery and return charges deducted from the refund amount.

returns & refunds [-]

To get your money back, goods must be returned to us as soon as possible, in their original packaging, undamaged, and in a saleable condition.

We'll issue a full refund (excluding original delivery charge), to the card you paid with (or Paypal if you paid with that), or exchange the item for a different product if preferred, within 10 working days of receipt.

Returning Gifts
We do not offer refunds on items you were given as a gift. However, we are happy to exchange them for other items in our store, to the same value (or more if you pay the difference), subject to the returned item coming back in "as new" condition ie unused.

Damaged Goods
If you're returning goods because they were received in a damaged condition, please contact us as soon as possible, so that we can process your return as quickly and efficiently as possible, as returns received back without the right details may take longer to sort out.

Distance Selling Regulations - 7 Day Cancellation
It is your statutory right to cancel your purchase for any reason within 7 working days from the day after you receive the goods. You must return the goods to us at your expense or we will arrange collection at your expense. Please note if we have to arrange collection it is invariably more costly than if you return the goods to us.

contact us [-]
We set up our website to make it as easy as possible to order online. However, sometimes it is just easiest to speak to a friendly person and have a chat about the best options for you. We are here to help so why not call or email now.

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