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love your lakes - phosphate free campaign

soapnuts are approved by love your lakes campaign by nurture lakelandLiving Naturally Soapnuts support the Love Your Lakes Campaign!

Recently The Ecologist published an article about a great campaign called Love Your Lakes. The campaign helps raise awareness of how phosphates from fertilizers and detergents, when washed into our water system can stimulate an excessive growth of blue-green algae in fresh water. These overgrowths or algal blooms float over the surface of the water and gradually starve the lake of sunlight, which decreases the oxygen supply in the water. The fish are then starved and this effects the surrounding wildlife that would feed on those fish. This is not all, certain types of algae are poisonous to humans that may swim in the lakes they infest and are lethal to animals that drink infested water.

What's the campaign about?

Love your Lakes is working to improve water quality in Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite Lake. We'll be helping local businesses, residents and visitors to take simple steps to help. By reducing the amount of damaging phosphates going into the lakes from washing machine and dishwashing detergents we can all do our bit to protect the future of one of Lakeland's most popular and beautiful destinations.

What's The Problem?

Too much phosphate from washing machine and dishwashing detergents is ending up in Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite Lake, causing problems for the health of the lakes and the wildlife that lives in and around them. Phosphates are used in detergents to 'soften' water and stop dirt settling back into clothes and dishes in the wash.


How are they damaging Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite Lake?

Phosphates are accumulating in the lakes from lots of different sources, including fertilisers, sewage and detergents. Keswick water treatments works removes a certain amount of phosphate but many properties in the area aren't linked to mains sewage system. Run off from poorly maintained septic tanks means phosphates find their way into watercourses leading directly into the lakes.

Around the lakes, a high visitor population and 'short break' holidays mean towels and bed linen get washed much more often. This adds up to a lot of phosphate going into our lakes.

On average around 25% of nutrients in sewage come from the detergents which we use in our washing machines and dishwashers.

What Can You Do

Let's all reduce the amount of phosphate we're putting into the lakes.

The great news is that it's not difficult or complicated to make this happen. It really takes very little effort on your part and it could even save you money!

There are a few, very simple steps we can all take to make a real difference. Whether you're a local business owner, a resident or a visitor to this beautiful area, find out what you can do....

To read more visit the campaign page...

love your lakes campaign

Chris Packham has become an ambassador for Nurture Lakeland!

Chris Packham is already president, vice president and patron of some notable conservation charities and is the new Vice President of the RSPB. We're delighted to have his endorsement and his kind words will be a great help in the promotion of our work. 

"I have been lucky enough to experience the diversity of natural places and wildlife across the UK. Through visits to the Lake District, I realise how unique and precious its ecosystem is and how important it is to protect it.

"As an ambassador for Nurture Lakeland I want to encourage others to appreciate the wonderful natural environment and to look after it for the future.

"This charity's fundraising work and its promotion of sustainable tourism practices is helping to ensure that the growing number of visitors to the Lake District enjoy this remarkable habitat and play an active role in protecting its future."

Chris Packham

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