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benefits of soapnuts

living naturally soapnuts certification

benefits of soapnutsThey are the cheapest washing detergent ...
on the market (very important in the current financial climate!) 250 grams gives
65 - 85 wash loads  (compared to Ariel non bio 1.857kg = 24 wash loads, 7 times more detergent [weight] for 60 less washes). And because they are 100% natural you can skip the rinse cycle and save even more money.

benefits of soapnuts100% Vegan & Cruelty Free ...
When using Living Naturally Soapnut Products you should be glad to know that no animal or plant was harmed to get them over to you in the UK. All of our products are VEGAN and if we have to use palm oil it is RSPO Certified Palm Oil.

benefits of soapnutsLiving Naturally Soapnut Shells are free of dangerous toxins ...
that are in other detergents, cleaners and body-care products. Living Naturally Soapnut Shells are free from SLSs, Parabens, Phthalates, Phosphates, Formaldehyde, Petroleum, Perfume, Chlorine and Bleach. Does not pollute our water systems & Environmentally safe. Have a look at the campaign we are signed up to Love Your Lakes, and read what happens when normal phosphate detergents enter our water systems. Good for septic and grey water systems.

benefits of soapnutsLiving Naturally Soapnuts are collected from a certified organic source!

At, our soapnuts are supplied from a USDA and ECOCERT certified organic source. What Does this mean? Click on plus sign to find out. [-]
USDA and ECOCERT organic certification is not given unless strict procedures and adherences to regulations are followed: 1. All the products must be harvested from non-agricultural lands. They must be grown on trees that are produced naturally in the wild without the aid of human cultivation. For more information on how we collect soapnuts click here. 2. There cannot have been any prohibited chemical applied to the soap nut trees for at least three years. 3. All harvesting procedures must be environmentally friendly. They must be conducive to the continual growth of the soap nut trees, along with all the other species of wildlife and plants in the general area. 4. All soap nuts must be collected from areas a substantive distance from cities and towns. This is to minimize human contamination of the growing environment. 5. All harvesting must be done a reasonable distance from cultivated lands. This is to ensure that no fertilizers or pesticides affect the natural growth of the harvest. The ECOCERT and USDA organic certification companies strictly monitor the harvesting process and ensure the regulations are followed.

benefits of soapnutsHypoallergenic ...
Most allergic reactions to detergents are due to the chemicals and fragrances in them. Soapnuts are great for anyone who has allergies or suffers from skin problems like eczema or psoriasis as they are 100% natural.

Here's the science bit about SOAPNUTS from our friends at ELS ... [-]
Soap Nuts are related to the Lychee family, a subtropical fruit with a sweet taste. A common terminology in botany refers to a nut as being a dried fruit with either one or two seeds. True nuts are produced by plant families in the order of Fagales. Both Soap Nuts and Lychees are in the botanical order Sapindales. People have referred to them as “nuts” because the dehydrated fruit can become hard spheres with one large seed that people assume are nuts. The major reason to properly identify soap nuts as being a fruit, vs. a nut (soap nuts) is to clarify that they are hypoallergenic. The 8 major allergens associated with foods consist of the following: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (such as almonds, cashews, & walnuts), fish (such as bass, cod, & flounder), shellfish (such as crab, lobster, & shrimp), soy, and wheat. Obviously, a person with allergies should avoid ingesting anything they are allergic too; however, it is equally important they avoid coming in direct or soft contact with the allergen. For example, sever peanut allergies can cause anaphylactic shock by simply coming in soft contact (touched a surface that came in contact with peanuts). One thing all these allergens have in common is that they contain proteins. Typically allergies are based on specific protein sensitivities, and why someone can be allergic to one protein source but not another. It is important to note that there are no fruits identified as being a major allergen. Fruits do not typically contain the protein complexes that cause an allergic reaction. This is not to say that people can’t be allergic to fruits, but it is not very common. Since we now know that soap nuts are a fruit rather than a nut, it answers the million dollar question; are they hypoallergenic? Naturally they are! ELS have also scientifically tested soapnut saponin concentrate that is present in our soapnut liquid and reported that there was ZERO reaction.

benefits of soapnuts100% biodegradable ...
You can Dispose soapnuts in your compost!

Living Naturally soapnuts are so natural, that you can use the water straight from the washing machine to water your garden!

benefits of soapnuts100% completely natural and unprocessed ...
Therefore they contain no pesticides, harsh chemicals, foaming agents or optical brighteners so are much safer to use on our clothes, on our skin and in our waste water system.

benefits of soapnuts100% Sustainable! ...
We only use about 1% of the worlds total amout of soapnuts. Since Soapnuts are primarily a resource from only emerging nations, increased demand will provide an additional needed economic stimulus. Plus we can replant the soapnut seed = increased planting, growth and farming = Increased forestation and natural means of harvesting will aid in the reversal of Co2 accumulation. Have a read about where soapnuts come from ...

benefits of soapnutsCan be used at all temperatures from 30.c – 90.c ...
Living Naturally Soapnut Products are mild and gentle on fabric structure and colours so clothes last a lot longer. For washing instructions click here

benefits of soapnutsAntimicrobial properties ...
Removes microbes from laundry.

benefits of soapnutsNatural anti-fungal properties.

benefits of soapnutsGreat for removing odours.

benefits of soapnutsExcellent for high efficiency (HE) / Energy A Rated washers ...
Low sudsing: Good for all washers.

benefits of soapnutsNatural Softener so no need for conditioner ...
For those who like adding a smell we advise to use 10 drops of any essential oil onto the washbag. This option appeals to many of those who like their clothes to smell nice. For more tips on washing with soapnuts click here

benefits of soapnutsAnd you can use Living Naturally Soapnut Shells for more than just your laundry! ... They can be used to clean almost everything in the home…shampoo, all-purpose kitchen cleaner, hand-wash, shower ‘gel’ etc. For more soapnut recipes click here

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